Saturday, October 10, 2009

Love These Things

So, it may just be a honeymoon phase, but I am super duper in love with these cloth diapers. We have also ordered a bunch of the KaWaii brand AIO pocket diapers which should arrive beginning of next week. Our total so far for all our diapers (which is - including the ones to arrive next week - 18 diapers and 40 inserts) is less than $300.

Beyond that, though, I love the feel and leak stoppageness of these things. Not only are they super cute, but they really do their job. They fit Riley wonderfully. And doubling the insert overnight has worked perfectly. So far (touch wood) we haven't had any all.

And let me tell you, the softness of the microfleece lining is amazing. I am thinking I may have to start putting a microfleece lining in all my underwear! Damn kid is lucky as all sin to have that up against his little bottom all day. And it really does pull the moisture away from him and on to the insert.

Well, that is it for my raving. But check him out, being all happy with them:

I have also finished one of the glove/mittens for the hubby. (You know, the strange mittens with the first finger as a glove? Ya, those.) Ammy has been proudly sporting hers, and another little girl that I made them for has been declining to touch any one or thing with hers on, so I am guessing so far, so good. Oddly, I haven't even thought of making myself any. I am working on the sleeve for my cardigan (pictured below), and I guess I will make a pair for myself when that is done.

I also had a wonderful time hitting up the thrift shops this week. Riley is growing like a weed (is actually in 6 month clothing now), and Ammy seems to be in a new size every week. I bought her a pair of boots for winter (oddly enough, they are the "Riley" boot from walmart), and ended up getting the size 13. 13!!! Seriously? My main intent when I hit up the ValuVillage and local TS was to try to find a snow suit for Ammy (I don't want to spend $50 on something that will only last 1 season) and some warm winter sleepers for Riley. Ended up with several warm winter sleepers for Riley (the thick fleecey ones) for $2 each, and a few really cute outfits that I just couldn't resist (they were on sale at VV, and worked out to be about $3 each, so I can't complain in the least). I also got Am several pairs of pants, since we seem to have hit flood season. Couldn't find a snowsuit (apparently thrift shops understand that Christmas and Halloween stuff shouldn't be out at the same time) nor any pjs, but will likely go on another expedition in a few weeks time.

That is really all that is new and exciting, boys and girls.


Side Note: Most people don't realize this, and I know that I never noticed this before, but on the disposable diapers there is a notation that all fecal matter should be dumped into the toilet and flushed prior to throwing the diaper away. Do you do that? Do you know anyone who does?


lulubelle said...

Just look at him!!!! Kelly, he looks fantastic.

And I love those diapers too. I used pre-folds and bummis wraps for the day, but had fuzzi bunz for night time and they were great.

KnittyBitch said...

I know...he is huge and wonderful now.

And the Fuzzi Bunz are awesome for overnight. No leaks at great.