Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mittens Already?

Yeah, I broke and made a pair of mittens for Ammy already. But damn it is getting cold up here in the mornings. Seriously cold. I hate it. So, I have made the first pair of mittens of the season. I am sure that there will be more, many more, as the school has a "mitten tree" which I will be making several mittens for.

I'm also currently working on a new hat for Riley, since the ones that I have already made for him no longer fit his fat little head. (We are fifteen pounds now...just a side note.)

I'm also making great headway on the cropped cardigan I am making for myself. See:

I am hoping that I can get this finished sometime this week. The only things left, really, are the sleeves (and the collar, but that will be done when it is all put together so that I can judge it myself as to how big I want it).

And this, boys and girls, i why you shouldn't drink and drive:

(dont worry, no one was hurt). My sister and I were outside at my uncle`s place last weekend for the birthday party we held for all the nieces, and watched this happen. Buddy in the van took off down the road, until he realized that I was chasing him down the middle of it, and another girl was following from further up the road. Then he decided to come back, where he proceeded to fall over and claim that he couldn`t get any traction (though it had rained earlier in the day, everything was mostly dry by this point). Amazingly, when I took off, I threw the coffee cup I had in the middle of my uncle`s lawn, and somehow it didn`t break.

Well, that is really all that is new and wonderful in my world. Kinda slow, but that is okay. I am sure that it will get hectic soon enough. After much debating back and forth on the topic, we have decided that we are going to switch to cloth diapers for Riley. For starters, we are getting a trial package of 6 of them with 12 inserts, just to get us used to them, and will probably get another 6-10 of them as we see fit once we are used to them and ready to make the switch permanently. The cost for 12-16 in total with extra inserts will end up being about $350/400, which may seem like a lot, but while I was at my doctor's the other day, I found out that the average cost for diapers for a child until they are two and a half is $2,300. $2,300!!!! And that doesn't include pull up type of things. That is just purely diapers. Shocking, eh? Yeah, I think that I am okay with the extra effort and $350 vs. less effort and over $2,000. When I was younger, I babysat for a lady who had cloth diapers for her son. I remember what it was like with them. The ones that we are getting are super cute (Fuzzi Bunz, for those who are interested) and come with a pretty kick ass reputation.

I will likely update everyone on what an experience it is. :)

Until then, ttfn

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