Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ravelympics 2010

Well, with the start of the Olympics last week, so begins the start of Ravelympics. I have actually been making damn good progress with the items I am doing for my team (GO TEAM BKG!). So far, I have finished one toy (Toadstool Rattle for Riley):

My coat is coming along really well (thanks to an unhealthy dose of insomnia):

I have also gotten one sock done for Ammy (to be entered in the Sock Hockey category), and the second one is even cast on already, too!!!

Plus, I have somehow managed to find time to finish off one of the behbeh sweaters I am doing for a friend. I still have to sew it, but it is done and waiting for that.

Woohoo...busy, busy, busy. :) And loving every moment of it. (Yes, I know that I am going to crash soon...but after a nice 10-12 hour nap, I should be fine again...lol)


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