Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stones...and not the rolling kind

So it seems that Riley, cute as he may be, will continue with his one step forward, two steps least for a little while.

At his urology follow up at Sick Kids, they ran a new ultrasound on him with respect to his kidney reflux. That is fine. It is being well managed with the medication that he is on, so they are not concerned. We go for another follow up in 6 months, but for the moment, they are positive that he can stay on the medication until he is around potty training age, and will be fine. HOWEVER (there is always a however, it seems), during the course of the ultrasound, they discovered that he has kidney stones. Kidney stones! In a 10 month (or 7 month, depending on if you want to use corrected age) child!

They are guessing that he has developed renal stone disease, which I was diagnosed with about 4 years ago. They aren't sure how, though, since his body *technically* shouldn't have excess minerals and vitamins needed to create a single stone, let alone the many of them that they discovered.

So, in the course of this, they are hoping to use me as a guinea pig. I go for a follow up ultrasound on Wednesday to see if there are any "live" stones currently in my kidneys (which there should be, since there almost always is) and, from what was guessed by my family doctor, they will likely do a retrieval of one of my stones to find out the exact breakdown and hopefully be able to give both Riley and I something to break them down without having to wait for them to pass.

Fun, fun, fun.

At least I have my vacation to look forward to before having to deal with all this ickyness.

And I finally went and got myself a set of the puzzle boards from the dollar store across from us. I think I mentioned this before, but the place across from us has the 10 packs of the foam puzzle boards for $3-4 dollars. Now, I bought a set for Riley to play on, and just bought another set for myself, since they would be perfect for blocking (in fact, they sell in most places for $20-$25 as "blocking mats"). Yep, I'll take em for $3, thank you very much. And hope the cats will leave the blocking items alone.


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Keltie said...

Awww, poor you and poor Riley! I hope this is as non-invasive as possible for the poor little guy. He's a toughie, that's for sure.