Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sweet Success

It is amazing how much more I can get accomplished when I have some sort of preconceived deadline. Well, sometimes. But the ravelympics have definitely put me in a "let's get this finished" mood.
My jacket (yes, I still need to get buttons...I guess a trip to Walmart is in order):

My little girl's socks:

I'm thinking that I am going to finally be able to finish the cardigan that has been hanging out on my side there (the brown one that has been just a sad little vest for the last, what, 4 months). I started the sleeves last night. WooHoo!!!
And my medals:

I should be getting the ones for the Sock Hockey event and the Sweaterboard Cross event shortly, considering both were finished yesterday. Just wanna get the one for at least one WIP-dancing, and I will be a happy, happy girl. :)
Not much else going on right now. I went for my ultrasound the other day, and have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday to see what that revealed. And the end of this week, of course, is my honeymoon. WEEEE!!! I am super stoked about that. 3 days and nights childless with my hubby. And a real wood fire. And a whirlpool bath. And a log cabin.
I can't wait! (Thankfully, Ammy is super excited about getting to spend some time with Granny and Grampa, so she is doing the countdown, too.) Just gotta make it through the cleaning and packing of this week, now...

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Roxanne said...

The jacket is really cute! Thanks for visiting my blog :]