Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday...sweet, sweet Friday

Yeah!!! The weekend is here. IF I choose to go out in the cold and ice and snow for the next 2 days, it is completely my own fault/choice/etc. Very happy about this.

And to boot, I am going to hit up the local toy warehouse (you know, those little warehouse places that open in September and close in December) to get the shopping part of Christmas all done (little one will be with her grandma and grandpa). I hope.

I am sure that I will likely break down and cry while there (I hate large crowds, and tend to get very angry, and pushy, and generally it is the worst parts of PMS all rolled into one), but my little girl is worth it. And, since this place offers tons of things at a massive discount (see previous posts - I am cheap), I am sure that it will be packed....absolutely packed...

I just have to remember that I am there for her...not me... :)


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