Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So, I have finished the second installment of the AJN hat...and I must say that I adore it! Below is a picture of the detail at the crown. I am very impressed and happy with myself as to how this project has turned out.

And here is my Daddy enjoying his sweater (and a very challenging puzzle, as you can see):

And, of course, my daughter's sweater doing what it is supposed to:

I have recently returned back to working in Toronto, which means that, of course, I have returned as well to the Go Train commuting. And, much as I hate this, I have found that I am being much more productive with respect to my projects, which with Christmas around the corner, is definitely a good thing. I am working on a turtleneck for my mom (she is horrible with keeping herself bundled up during the winter time, and I figured with it being a handmade gift from her child, she will HAVE to wear it...if I have to wear the foam crown that pulls my hair out, she has to wear the sweater). And it is nice, because I can actually see an end to the sweater in the not-too-distant future.



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