Monday, November 19, 2007

Ma's Sweater

Well, I have gotten a rather large chunk of the sweater for my mom (Bernat Classic Turtleneck, for those of you who are interested) done, and have just started working on the sleeves. The other day, while I was on the train home, I noticed a woman working with dpns. Of course, my immediate thought was socks...however I was wrong, and now I have to wonder why I hadn't thought of it before. She was working on the sleeve for a sweater she was doing for christmas...using dpns so as to avoid having to sew a seam for the arm when it is completed.

And I have noticed that it is going much quicker than any other sleeve which I have done in the past. This could just be because I am excited about working with dpns to finish the sleeve, or it could be because it actually is taking less time...or I could just be neurotic and there is really no time difference at all.

Anyways, long and short, I am very happy for the woman on the train.


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