Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Projects Projects Projects

I realize that I have lied to you all...and fooled you in to thinking I would have updated you on the progress of the turtleneck for my mother...I have just been lazy. (At least I have the decency to not lie as to why...I could have told you that a toilet seat fell from the sky and crashed into my front lawn, shattering my digital camera, however leaving the rest of the yard, and sadly the entirely too many that still need to be raked leaves, unharmed.)

Anyways, in addition to the turtleneck, I have also at least tried to start on the Christmas (yes, I said Christmas...not holidays...and I make no apologies for such) projects that I have ahead of me...including a pair of socks for my daughter (I let her pick the yarn about 6 months ago...the least I could do is do something with it), a purse for my dear sister, 3 sweaters for my nieces, and another sweater for my mom (she fails to realize that if you are cold, you should put on a sweater...I figure she just doesn't have very many, and is entirely too cheap to purchase some).

I will post pictures soon...maybe.


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