Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hogfather and other Ramblings

So, since I am a geeky kinda gal, I have a deep and passionate lourve of Terry Pratchett and Discworld. Therefore I was very upset (very upset) to find out that despite Hogfather having been released in Canada yesterday, the HMV by my work did not get any copies in. *sniff* *sniff*...cue sad violin music...

I have been working away on the kinderwhore sockies...and damn skippy if Nikol Lohr is not correct in the statement of zombie mode...haha. Will likely finish one of them off tonight while zoning out to National Treasure 2 (told ya...geeky kinda gal).

I have also made the startling discovery that my workplace is some sort of a conspiracy to drive me insane. First, they switched the milk cartons to those little single use cuppy things so you spend about 5 minutes just opening them to make your damn coffee, then they upgraded the lighting to a scary brightness (I hate actually being able to see everything as well as the fact that everyone has a yellow tinge), and proceeded to make us all move around for 3 month periods so they could renovate and provide every floor with scary bright lighting, and finally, along with the renovations, they "upgraded" our bathrooms. We have those motion sensor flush know...the ones where if you breathe while you are on the toilet, it takes it as that is you moving and flushes, coating your bottom in a loverly film of freezing cold water. Fun, fun, fun.

Ok...rant off

Also, I post it once it is complete, but I am currently working on a pattern for tights for my daughter. I whipped up a pair last year, but really haven't a single clue what I did. I am using those ones as a jumping point for the new ones, though, so I will have to figure it out, and figured might as well write it down while I was at it.


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