Thursday, May 8, 2008

Look at Me...I'm Hooking Like a Pro

So, I have been forever interested in the bastard child of knitting, crocheting. But I could never seem to get my head around it...or rather my wrists. It was always awkward, and felt wrong...and normally I would end up pulling the yarn back out, and knitting up something sumptuous in it's stead. HOWEVER, that has all changed. :) I recently picked up The Happy Hooker (I like the way she writes...I find that it is actually interesting, and provides pictures when pictures are needed). Of course, the reason that I picked up this little beauty was because I also recently purchased an Amigurumi book (so darned cute...and I am utterly addicted to cute), so I had to learn.

Will have some pictures up soon of some of the stuff I plan on doing (starting with a tester set of pasties for the swap I have coming pair is already done, just in the gaudy finalization I figured I would make a guinea pig of my Winster).

In the meantime, since it has been a while since I have updated this page, here ya go:

The boy's mexican wrestling mask (obviously not the boy in it):

Finished coat (without the buttons yet...sorry):

I am also currently working on two different baby sweaters. One is the Baby's First Tattoo Sweater from Stitch n' Bitch Nation...about 1/2 way done at the moment...will post pictures soon. The other is a simple Bernat hoodie sweater in Baby Softee white with pastel colours throughout. Although the one that this sweater is for thinks she is having a boy, I am thinking differently (thankfully I am not the only one), and either way, with the colour combo, I don't much have to worry...White is not gender

I have an excessively busy (translates to less knitting/crocheting - I can't believe I can finally write that - time :( )next few months. From this weekend on....mother's day golf gathering this weekend, 2 weddings, one of which is on the east coast, the accompanying showers for the weddings, camping trips (3 so far...geesh), 3 baby showers, family day at my daughter's school, birthday parties, random summer parties, housewarming parties...wonder if it would be rude to knit while at a party...hmmmm....

Also recently purchased new dpns (5"...which I am hoping will be much easier for me with my sockies...I have found that, while I love working with my dpns for most every circular object, they are long (12 inches), and therefore if it is something smaller, or if I get down to the point where the stitches are is difficult to work with). They should be arriving this week.



Stephanie N said...

I used to have a really hard time with crochet too! But a wonderful girl on Ravelry talked me through it over the course of some emails and I tried and tried and finally got it. Admittedly, the only thing I have done other than a dishcloth is the nurse purse from the Happy Hooker, which is all single crochet. But I am sure once I try something else it won't be all that hard-I know the single crochet very well! ha ha ha ha ha
I wish I could have gotten you for my swap partner :P I have THREE partners this time! woo! I gotta get crackin!
Where on the east coast is this wedding, out of curiosity?

KnittyBitch said...

Sadly, truth be told, the only reason that I wanted to learn was because I was jealous of those individuals who could make up those Amigurumi things. I love cute...all forms of cute...and hot damn, there are some damn adorable things in some of those that is what started it. And last night, well, I am proud, because I made a circle that actually looks like a circle (it has currently been promoted to "coaster").
And to answer the other question, Dartmouth...Immaculate Conception (sp)...we are planning on camping out for the majority of the week, but we will be staying at the Holiday Inn at the Bridge (lol...look, I know the NS lingo) for the night of the wedding.

Stephanie N said...

That is so close to me!!!!!! Eeeee!!! I live in downtown Halifax! And for directions to the yarn shop in Gaspereau, check their website-
It's pretty straightforward if you get on the right highway, just 45 minutes or so outside Halifax, turn into Wolfville and then head up this street they list that takes you out into the country again :) Also, on Portland Street in Dartmouth, not far from where you are staying, there's a shop called Tangled Skeins that is quite nice!

KnittyBitch said...

Don't know if I will be able to convince the boy that we will need to go to the barn, but I will definitely check out Tangled Skiens while we are there...there is no reason he could possibly come up with for not making that trip. :) (and even if he could find all kinds of reasons (as he is standing behind me bellowing that one out), I will find my own way there...)