Monday, May 14, 2007

Bits and Bobs

So from reading the blogs of others, I have realized that I am not alone in my having several things going on at once. This makes me happy. Of course, I have the one item which I am working continuously on, that one item that I desperately would like to see the end of. In my case, it is the sweater I have deemed "Hubby's Sweater". I have set a deadline for it, but given that it is the beginning of summer, and it is a fall type of sweater, I am noticing my progress has slowed on it. :( However, here is the latest installation:

So I am now on to the sleeves.

I have also begun working on one of the pieces mentioned before, one of the ones that has been sitting at the bottom of a bin for the last, oh, 4-5 years...sadly, I discovered that for some unknown reason, I made the right side of the coat about 4 inches shorter than the left and back...hmmm...oh well. I will just have to hope and pray to the knitting gods that I have enough yarn to make the right side and right front panel.

The coat is from an old pattern (circa 1970s) and is knit in 5 pieces. I am hoping that I will get the initiative and drive to have it done for fall can hope.

As I was over at the Great Canadian Superstore on the weekend (mother's day...needed that store), I noticed that they have all their yarn on sale for $0.24! It is actually fairly nice yarn. So, being the ever diligent mother, I let my daughter pick out a colour, and have begun a dress for her. It will be my first time knitting something in the round, so I am not entirely sure how it will turn out (literally, at this point in time, I have casted on, and worked one round...not enough to post anything, for all you will see is a row of pink over a set of circular needles...).


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