Friday, May 4, 2007

A Cheaper Obsession

I admit, I have a purse obsession. However, while I was working on this, despite the temptation to purchase about 3 different purses which I adored on sight, I waited, knowing this baby would be done soon. And here she is:

My latest baby. This is, oddly enough, my first time EVER having completed something for myself (as far as knitting goes). I actually just got back in to knitting again after having switched to the much more staid cross-stitch several years ago. Thankfully, though, I still have much of my knitting supplies (sadly this includes pieces which I never bothered to finish), so that made the transition back to knitting fairly inexpensive. I have not learned to use my camera all that well, so I cannot, unfortunately, get a good close up of the cable work on the bag. It is wonderful (if I must say so myself). I will be doing another one, likely in a solid colour, as the cable work stands out more in solids than in this yarn, but I do love this yarn.

I am currently working on a sweater for my other half (which he will wear whether he likes it or not). :) I have made the switch to circular needles for most of my projects (this is a new thing for me completely...I have never used them in the past), and I have found that I am addicted. LOVE THEM!! They are also much more convenient given that the majority of my knitting is done on a busy commuter train during the morning and evening rush hours. And yes, I did accidentally poke someone with my straight needles once...thankfully it was someone I know and chat with almost every day, so it was not a huge ordeal, but I still felt kinda guilty.

Hopefully I will have many more of my knitting adventures to share soon.


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