Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Great Big Grrr and I

Let me preface this entry by saying I don't vote. Yes, yes, I realize this is very uncivic of me, however I refuse to be put in a position of deciding which of the lesser evils I would prefer. I have yet to hear of a single politician during my time who has ever made good on their promises, while not selling out another sector, one which is important to someone. On the other side of that coin, however, I don't bitch about the government which others have elected into power. I don't complain about the bad jobs they are doing, or the things they are taking away without care for who needs or uses those services.

However, lately I have been plagued by a certain function of the government, one which does not contain elected officials, so I am within my rights to bitch and complain at will. There are things within our government which no one becomes aware of until they are, unfortunately, on the wrong side of them. It is frustrating, and serves to further my dedication to NEVER vote, when the government officials who are connected with these services refuse to acknowledge the words, complaints, questions of a lowly citizen. They have proven to me, at this moment in time, that even were I to have voted in the powers which placed them in their positions, it would matter little to none, since my words mean nothing to them.

Now, when I am frustrated/worries/upset/etc., I knit (or up to recently, sewed). I started the below about 3 days ago (Thursday, on my train commute - since then, after my daughter has gone to bed). This picture was taken last night, before I went to bed. And while it is great that I will have the sweater I am working on for my hubby done much sooner than originally anticipated, the frustration has not ebbed.

I am sure that, at this rate, I will have pictures of the completed sweater up here in, oh, 2 (The below is from this evening.)

Wishing you never have to deal with the "people's" government...

On a much different, and definitely happier, note, I have realized that I have the world's greatest landlords. Yesterday, it was their youngest son's 13 birthday. Since my daughter and I (my hubby currently being away) were outside for most of the day, they happened to spot us. Immediately, they invited us along with them, for dinner and the party. Then my landlady absolutely insisted that we come. So we were treated to an absolutely wonderful barbeque dinner, followed by much laffing and games. And this morning, yet again, we were outside relaxing (Ammy was riding her bike around while I sat and...oh the shock...knitted) when they came outside. My daughter was immediately absorbed into their games and activities...and I very soon found myself with a much appreciated cup of java. :)


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