Friday, May 4, 2007

This is just the beginning...

For those of you who are experienced bloggers, I apologize if you have mistakenly stumbled upon my blog with high expectations. I am a newby. But I have realized that I like the idea of having a blog. And, since I love crafts and often lurk on the blogs of those individuals who I have grown attached to in a completely non-stalker, "I really like her ideas or patterns or designs" sort of way, I decided what the hell...I think I will start a blog.

This brilliant decision came to be about 6 hours ago...which resulted in my IMing a buddy to ask "how do I go about setting up a blog?" He is a computer geek, and I am sure that he laffed at my question, but he answered none the less. (Thanks Dave)

A little about me...I am mother to a wonderfully precocious 3.5 year old (who some days appears to be going on 30 - but isn't that the way?). She is the light of my life, and an endless source of inspiration and joy for me. She is highly frustrating some days, but no matter how angry I may get at something she has done (or, in some cases, refuses to do), one hug, one kiss, one glance at her in contented sleep, and I am lost. :)

I do have a wonderful man in my life. Again, he is a source of inspiration, frustration, and everything in between. But he is mine, and I am his, and I love him.

As I have previously mentioned, I am a crafty person (mainly knitting, if you didn't get that one already), so I am sure this blog will be filled with many crafts at all stages. If that is not your thing, well, don't read those entries. If it is, feel free to ask, answer, provide tips, etc.


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Dave said...

Anytime Kelly :)