Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well then...

So, I have finished my socks (yes, I finished them...they are slightly uneven, but I love them, and have ever faithfully been wearing them whenever possible - amazingly they have yet to develop any smell, which only indicates that I have been smart about taking them off when I am not in direct need of them)! I am very happy with the way that they turned out (I read a lot about people having problems with holes when they turned the heel). The only issue that I have had with respect to my socks is that the ribbing appears to be very very loose. :( Gonna have to work on that. Anywho, here are several pictures (and I realize some of these are repeats) of the entire process:



Tuesday, May 15, 2007

For no other reason than I CAN

So, for starters, I am going to attempt to make my first ever sock tonight. I realize that I have a few projects on the go, but I found a site that finally helped to explain the whole "turning a heel" process (in pictures - I deal well with pictures), and now I am excited to give it a try and see how badly I screw it up...lol!!

Now, more importantly, I have decided to start taking better care of myself. So each week, I am setting a goal for that week, to incorporate into my daily life. This week's goal...water. Apparently you need this stuff. Who knew? Anyway, that is this week's goal...try to drink at least 4 glasses of water a day (yes, I realize that it is supposed to be 8...that is next week's goal). I have long subscribed to the pool of thought that "coffee is just water dressed in brown" (Thanks Ani!!).

That is all...inanity at its finest.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Bits and Bobs

So from reading the blogs of others, I have realized that I am not alone in my having several things going on at once. This makes me happy. Of course, I have the one item which I am working continuously on, that one item that I desperately would like to see the end of. In my case, it is the sweater I have deemed "Hubby's Sweater". I have set a deadline for it, but given that it is the beginning of summer, and it is a fall type of sweater, I am noticing my progress has slowed on it. :( However, here is the latest installation:

So I am now on to the sleeves.

I have also begun working on one of the pieces mentioned before, one of the ones that has been sitting at the bottom of a bin for the last, oh, 4-5 years...sadly, I discovered that for some unknown reason, I made the right side of the coat about 4 inches shorter than the left and back...hmmm...oh well. I will just have to hope and pray to the knitting gods that I have enough yarn to make the right side and right front panel.

The coat is from an old pattern (circa 1970s) and is knit in 5 pieces. I am hoping that I will get the initiative and drive to have it done for fall 07...one can hope.

As I was over at the Great Canadian Superstore on the weekend (mother's day...needed flowers...love that store), I noticed that they have all their yarn on sale for $0.24! It is actually fairly nice yarn. So, being the ever diligent mother, I let my daughter pick out a colour, and have begun a dress for her. It will be my first time knitting something in the round, so I am not entirely sure how it will turn out (literally, at this point in time, I have casted on, and worked one round...not enough to post anything, for all you will see is a row of pink over a set of circular needles...).


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

As I mentioned...

As I previously mentioned, prior to knitting, I used to cross stitch. This is the one which I completed for my daughter when she was born:

I know...the quality of the picture isn't that good...but I have never once claimed to be a photographer. :)

I have been going through a bit of a cleaning phase lately. Trying to get rid of a bunch of things that I find I no longer need, use, etc. The latest of these has been, inevitably, those items which I had held on to in the belief that I may have had another child by this point in time in my life. This has not been the case, and I have a feeling it will be a long time, if at all, before another child is a part of my future. And going hand in hand with that is the fact that those cross stitches which I had completed with the intent of making another plaque for that wished for child should go to some use. So I have decided to sell them (along with the crib, toddler bed, and other baby items I have held on to). Below is one of those items. I love the design. It is so simple, but I also have the pattern to do a quilt, sleeper, bib, towel, etc. :)

On the topic of pieces I have done (yes, I realize that none of this has anything to do with my current projects, but I promise, I will give an update...as pitiful as it is...), this is the poncho I made for my daughter a while ago (one of the first things I made when I decided to start knitting again). She wore it for about 4 days solid, until she fell asleep on her side and I was able to slip it over her head. And yes, that made me monsterously happy.

I love the colours in this yarn. Oddly enough, the yarn was given to me by Ammy's old daycare, as they received it as part of a donation, and they felt that it was too much for them to use in the short time the daycare had left. :(

Now for the update...I warned you, it is kinda pitiful. But please remember the entry below...I got about a third done, and had to remove it all. :( (Of course, my day went to hell in a hand-basket after that...I should have known everything else would turn to crap when I came to the realization I had to start the entire front over again...but I guess we all go through those days.)

I suppose that is all for today, kiddies. Happy knitting!


Monday, May 7, 2007

Oh the humanity

Well, I have finished the back of the sweater I am making my hubby, and started, quite diligently, on the front. I got through a fair amount of the work on it, probably about a third, before realizing...oh crap...I cast on the numbers for a small (my hubby is a large). le sigh!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Great Big Grrr and I

Let me preface this entry by saying I don't vote. Yes, yes, I realize this is very uncivic of me, however I refuse to be put in a position of deciding which of the lesser evils I would prefer. I have yet to hear of a single politician during my time who has ever made good on their promises, while not selling out another sector, one which is important to someone. On the other side of that coin, however, I don't bitch about the government which others have elected into power. I don't complain about the bad jobs they are doing, or the things they are taking away without care for who needs or uses those services.

However, lately I have been plagued by a certain function of the government, one which does not contain elected officials, so I am within my rights to bitch and complain at will. There are things within our government which no one becomes aware of until they are, unfortunately, on the wrong side of them. It is frustrating, and serves to further my dedication to NEVER vote, when the government officials who are connected with these services refuse to acknowledge the words, complaints, questions of a lowly citizen. They have proven to me, at this moment in time, that even were I to have voted in the powers which placed them in their positions, it would matter little to none, since my words mean nothing to them.

Now, when I am frustrated/worries/upset/etc., I knit (or up to recently, sewed). I started the below about 3 days ago (Thursday, on my train commute - since then, after my daughter has gone to bed). This picture was taken last night, before I went to bed. And while it is great that I will have the sweater I am working on for my hubby done much sooner than originally anticipated, the frustration has not ebbed.

I am sure that, at this rate, I will have pictures of the completed sweater up here in, oh, 2 days...lol. (The below is from this evening.)

Wishing you never have to deal with the "people's" government...

On a much different, and definitely happier, note, I have realized that I have the world's greatest landlords. Yesterday, it was their youngest son's 13 birthday. Since my daughter and I (my hubby currently being away) were outside for most of the day, they happened to spot us. Immediately, they invited us along with them, for dinner and the party. Then my landlady absolutely insisted that we come. So we were treated to an absolutely wonderful barbeque dinner, followed by much laffing and games. And this morning, yet again, we were outside relaxing (Ammy was riding her bike around while I sat and...oh the shock...knitted) when they came outside. My daughter was immediately absorbed into their games and activities...and I very soon found myself with a much appreciated cup of java. :)


Friday, May 4, 2007

A Cheaper Obsession

I admit, I have a purse obsession. However, while I was working on this, despite the temptation to purchase about 3 different purses which I adored on sight, I waited, knowing this baby would be done soon. And here she is:

My latest baby. This is, oddly enough, my first time EVER having completed something for myself (as far as knitting goes). I actually just got back in to knitting again after having switched to the much more staid cross-stitch several years ago. Thankfully, though, I still have much of my knitting supplies (sadly this includes pieces which I never bothered to finish), so that made the transition back to knitting fairly inexpensive. I have not learned to use my camera all that well, so I cannot, unfortunately, get a good close up of the cable work on the bag. It is wonderful (if I must say so myself). I will be doing another one, likely in a solid colour, as the cable work stands out more in solids than in this yarn, but I do love this yarn.

I am currently working on a sweater for my other half (which he will wear whether he likes it or not). :) I have made the switch to circular needles for most of my projects (this is a new thing for me completely...I have never used them in the past), and I have found that I am addicted. LOVE THEM!! They are also much more convenient given that the majority of my knitting is done on a busy commuter train during the morning and evening rush hours. And yes, I did accidentally poke someone with my straight needles once...thankfully it was someone I know and chat with almost every day, so it was not a huge ordeal, but I still felt kinda guilty.

Hopefully I will have many more of my knitting adventures to share soon.


This is just the beginning...

For those of you who are experienced bloggers, I apologize if you have mistakenly stumbled upon my blog with high expectations. I am a newby. But I have realized that I like the idea of having a blog. And, since I love crafts and often lurk on the blogs of those individuals who I have grown attached to in a completely non-stalker, "I really like her ideas or patterns or designs" sort of way, I decided what the hell...I think I will start a blog.

This brilliant decision came to be about 6 hours ago...which resulted in my IMing a buddy to ask "how do I go about setting up a blog?" He is a computer geek, and I am sure that he laffed at my question, but he answered none the less. (Thanks Dave)

A little about me...I am mother to a wonderfully precocious 3.5 year old (who some days appears to be going on 30 - but isn't that the way?). She is the light of my life, and an endless source of inspiration and joy for me. She is highly frustrating some days, but no matter how angry I may get at something she has done (or, in some cases, refuses to do), one hug, one kiss, one glance at her in contented sleep, and I am lost. :)

I do have a wonderful man in my life. Again, he is a source of inspiration, frustration, and everything in between. But he is mine, and I am his, and I love him.

As I have previously mentioned, I am a crafty person (mainly knitting, if you didn't get that one already), so I am sure this blog will be filled with many crafts at all stages. If that is not your thing, well, don't read those entries. If it is, feel free to ask, answer, provide tips, etc.